I am a real banjo player now!

Last night Matt and I drove into Los Angeles for Mystery Beers with the friend-family. I had some delicious brews and some delicious conversation. I then had some delicious In ‘n Out en route to the mountain and then a delicious glass of water upon our return at 2am.

I woke up this morning with nothing pressing to do except get my phone service reinstated. See, when you’re unemployed, you have to pick and choose what you pay for each month. Last month, I did not choose AT&T. Thanks to Gloria, however, we sorted things out this morning and now my mother can rest easy that I was not in fact attacked by a pack of coyotes. I’m just poor.

Next on my list of Things I Must Do Today was to go on Facebook. There I sat for a few minutes until I stumbled across the Avett Brothers’ performance on Jimmy Fallon last night. I just realized two of my favorite late-night hosts are named Jimmy.

I watched the video and decided it was time to learn the banjo. About 5 minutes into my self-lesson, I stood up and returned the banjo to its stand. About 2 minutes later I decided I was being really lame and so I picked it back up. After an hour and a half of intense youtube lessons, I am now proud to announce that I can play the first 10 seconds of an Avett Brothers song, with definitely notable pauses to switch my fingers into the correct positions, of course. That’ll do it for this morning, though. My left fingers are sore. Right now they are hot and kind of burning.

Anyway, due to the fact that I have weird banjo hickeys on my chest, dents in my fingers, and I now know how to use a capo, I have dubbed myself a real banjo player.



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