Royal Beauty

This morning I awoke to a coffee pot full of hot, steaming java. I was ecstatic. I stumbled down the stairs with a goofy half-assed grin on my face, whereupon I was told that I looked stunning. I am going to describe to you in detail exactly what walked down the stairs:

An oversized, self-styled (read: one day I decided to cut out a really huge neck) bright blue tshirt from freshman year of college with Super Mario on the front. Purple shorts. Hair 50% flat on my head and 50% everywhere but on my head. Unbrushed teeth. And a puffy face. (Am I the only one that wakes up with a swollen mug?)

“Like a princess.”
But I have a swollen face, I protested.
“Well if you say ‘swollen face’ fast enough, it sounds like a place. Swollenface. Now presenting – The Princess of SwollenFace!”


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