blah di blah di blah

Yesterday was a blah day. I woke up to dog pee on the floor, for starters. It was just one of those days that wasn’t going to get any better. I spent 3 hours at the coffee shop, searching and applying for jobs. I’ve gotten so desperate that not only did I pick up an application for the local grocery store, but I am also applying to Starbucks that are 30 minutes away. Sigh.

I spent more time sprawled on the floor upstairs on my stomach watching Gossip Girl on my laptop than I am proud to admit, and when my boyfriend called to try and make me feel better, I would have none of it. I was deep in my head that the day was not going to get any better, and so I did not allow anyone to succeed in doing so.

My walk along the lake did not even put me in a good mood. Instead, I decided to freak out when the man outside of the grocery store who told me I had pretty eyes ended up on the trail ahead of me about 45 minutes later. I imagined him and his friend waiting for me behind a tree while I unknowingly walked into their trap. Imagine my embarrassment then, when I passed by them a bit later, sitting on a dock innocently eating their McDonald’s.

It was a weird day.

My goal for today is to not let myself feel as sorry for myself as I did yesterday. So far, my plan of sitting out at the lakeside McDonald’s while I apply for jobs is working. French fries! What a feel-good food! (what? It’s not?).

Oh, and Matt, if you try to help me again, this time I will listen.


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