Today I Did These Things

This morning I woke up to the dog in my face at 8am, as per usual. I took him outside to pee. I came inside and got back into bed, naturally, as I have nowhere to be and it’s warm under my covers. I did some crossword puzzles, read the news, and reluctantly got out of bed at 9:30. I went downstairs, made coffee and had a bowl of Trader Joe’s bran flakes with vanilla coconut milk. I looked for jobs.

I followed up on jobs I have already applied for.
I looked for more jobs.
I sent emails and received unhelpful responses.

Then I took a break and went to the local pub. By myself.Every Tuesday they have this amazing thing called Steal The Glass. They get one or two new beers on tap, they serve it to you in its intended receptacle, and you get to walk out with the glass! It’s amazing. Today they had the beer I’ve been hoping and praying for. Hangar 24’s Gourdgeous. It’s a pumpkin porter and it is just…sofa king good. I sat there with my beer and a homemade soft pretzel and read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo on my kindle while I took in my surroundings. Who else goes to the bar at 3pm on a Tuesday? Apparently the bartender’s daughter and her friends, and an elderly woman with a large plate of french fries and a glass of white wine. I felt pretty badass and will probably go and drink by myself again. Maybe.

When my food and drink were both gone and I had shed a few tears at their disappearance, I drove home. I talked to Matt on the phone while I changed into my running clothes. I harnessed up the dog and out we went. Today was a quick one, about 3 1/2 miles. My mid-day high-70s hilly 10-miler the other day really did a number on me, and my legs were tired. I am noticing improvement in my pace up at this elevation, though, and for that I am grateful. I ran the Manhattan Beach 10k at sea level a couple of weeks ago and did well, assuaging my fears that perhaps training at this altitude would do more harm than good.

After run it was debate time. I am not going to get into anything here except to say that I thought the President redeemed himself from Night 1. That and I am going to go buy myself a binder. Maybe that will help me find a job.


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