I Can Fly! (Not Really)

Since being unemployed, I do my best to run like it’s my job. The first few weeks up here were a veritable hell. Running 1 mile higher up in the sky than where I had been running for the last year and a half was just…sodamndifficult. Thanks to trusty ol’ RunKeeper, I am able to go back in time and look at past running activities and my subsequent paces. I longed for my days of 8:00 min/mi training runs down Chandler in the valley.

My very first run at 5500′ ft was 3 1/2 miles and my average pace was 8:54. Also I’m pretty sure I died for a minute somewhere between miles 2 and 3. And that’s after my lungs exploded from just putting on my sneakers. For the month of September, running was not fun. I would go to sleep anxious about the run I would inevitably go on the next day. Not a good sign for a ‘runner.’ Reading a study that said it would take me 6 months to adjust didn’t help, either. Oh! Silly me, I forgot to mention the hills! Down in the valley, my average elevation climb was around 50-70 feet. MAYBE. I just went back and looked and saw that on one 7-mile run, my elevation climb was 6 feet. You get the point. Just the other day I went on a run. I came back to an email from RunKeeper: “New Personal Record For Running! Biggest Elevation Climb!” Oh no bigs, just 1575 FEET. That’s why I’m dying.

However, I have some good news to report! My pace for my 10-miler the other day was exactly the same as my 10-mile training run this time last year. Holla! Also, my regular runs are now staying steady at around 8:15, a number I am elated with. Oh and my calves are huge and I’m pretty sure my thighs are actually made out of steel.

I have my second half-marathon in just a few weeks. No, I haven’t registered yet, but that’s only because I am quite literally out of money. If anyone has an extra $80 to toss my way, I will begrudgingly accept. I’ll even wear your name on my back. So…that’s what I can offer. Who knew this hobby of using my own legs to run on my own street would end up costing me an arm and a leg? (ha! let’s hope not!   ……….  )
I’ll be running up in Santa Barbara at the same race I did last year. I had a blast and am a creature of habit, so I will be returning. Except this time I’m dragging friends along with me. You know you’ve got good pals if they agree to run 13.1 miles just because you tell them they should and omg it will be so much fun!!!!
I hope we stay friends.


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