Back At It

Ok guys, after a week filled with friends and family from near and far, I am back!

I have done my fair share of eating every type of potato under the sun, and now it’s time to run those bad boys off! I will admit, I have loved every second of gluttony, and I don’t feel tooooo bad about it. By this point I have finished almost all of the leftovers, and I’m down to the large vat of turkey soup I made over the weekend. Accompanied with a Thanksgiving biscuit, of course.

My RunKeeper program sends me alerts when I’ve accomplished a new goal or reached a new milestone – I’m surprised I didn’t receive one this week declaring my “Shortest distance run in a week! Zero miles!” My family was out visiting from the east coast and, wanting to spend every second with them, I didn’t run. I knew I’d get back into it, but I didn’t know how much taking a week off up at altitude would affect my lung capacity. First run back out over the weekend and I was huffing and puffing from the get go. I eventually settled into a rhythm, but it brought back bad memories of the first few weeks after moving up here. Note to self: No more bouts of 6 days off! I tried to up the intensity today by doing 60-second intervals. Then I did 4 sprints up the Hill of Death and called it a night. Looking forward to warming up in the shower.

I did have an incredibly enjoyable run last weekend. I needed to kill some time in Riverside while M was at a video shoot. I found a nearby park and, having thought ahead and brought my running gear with me, decided to go for a jog. Before I knew it, I had run 8 miles. My lungs were so thrilled to be breathing in air below 1000 feet, I just couldn’t help myself. I felt strong and fast – I need to make it down the mountain to do longer runs in the future!

In other news, I finally had a real job interview last week. Being a fairly superstitious woman, I will not say anything other than the fact that it felt so good to finally get in front of someone. It is so much tougher out there than I thought, and I count myself lucky to have made it to the next step. Stay tuned!

Ok, it’s nearing supper time and I’ve got some soup to slurp. Plans to start crafting Christmas cards and watch UltraMarathon Man to get inspired for a long run tomorrow 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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