Our Day at Big Bear

Yesterday Tilley and I went to Big Bear to check out a dog sitter for the holidays. While we were there I figured we should take advantage of the blue skies and go for a little walk. We took the Woodland nature trail where we learned quite a bit about trees and…trees. It was a beautiful walk. I only wish M had been with us to narrate the self-guided tour pamphlet. He does such a good job with those things…

photo 3Tilley and a 1,500 year old juniper. My, what long legs you have!

photo 1This was one of the cooler things we saw: A Jeffrey Pine that’s being used as a granary by acorn woodpeckers! They make hundreds of holes in this one tree and store acorns for the winter. Amazing!!

photo 2Cool, right??

photo 4The slopes are open! Hardly!

We had a big day. It was only natural that Tilley pass out in bed with me. And, what’s this?? The cat is voluntarily getting cozy, too? And getting closer and closer to the dog? And purring?? What is going on??
Wait, it was a full moon last night, wasn’t it? Mmmm…sneaky moon! Making my animals get along like never before… I’ll take it!



Today I Did These Things

This morning I woke up to the dog in my face at 8am, as per usual. I took him outside to pee. I came inside and got back into bed, naturally, as I have nowhere to be and it’s warm under my covers. I did some crossword puzzles, read the news, and reluctantly got out of bed at 9:30. I went downstairs, made coffee and had a bowl of Trader Joe’s bran flakes with vanilla coconut milk. I looked for jobs.

I followed up on jobs I have already applied for.
I looked for more jobs.
I sent emails and received unhelpful responses.

Then I took a break and went to the local pub. By myself.Every Tuesday they have this amazing thing called Steal The Glass. They get one or two new beers on tap, they serve it to you in its intended receptacle, and you get to walk out with the glass! It’s amazing. Today they had the beer I’ve been hoping and praying for. Hangar 24’s Gourdgeous. It’s a pumpkin porter and it is just…sofa king good. I sat there with my beer and a homemade soft pretzel and read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo on my kindle while I took in my surroundings. Who else goes to the bar at 3pm on a Tuesday? Apparently the bartender’s daughter and her friends, and an elderly woman with a large plate of french fries and a glass of white wine. I felt pretty badass and will probably go and drink by myself again. Maybe.

When my food and drink were both gone and I had shed a few tears at their disappearance, I drove home. I talked to Matt on the phone while I changed into my running clothes. I harnessed up the dog and out we went. Today was a quick one, about 3 1/2 miles. My mid-day high-70s hilly 10-miler the other day really did a number on me, and my legs were tired. I am noticing improvement in my pace up at this elevation, though, and for that I am grateful. I ran the Manhattan Beach 10k at sea level a couple of weeks ago and did well, assuaging my fears that perhaps training at this altitude would do more harm than good.

After run it was debate time. I am not going to get into anything here except to say that I thought the President redeemed himself from Night 1. That and I am going to go buy myself a binder. Maybe that will help me find a job.

The Animals Love Me

Something is happening to me up here. I am suddenly an animal magnet. I’ve always wanted to be one, so I guess I’m kind of excited at the prospect of furry friends popping up at any moment.

Most recently, as I was clinging to Matt’s torso as we winded our way around the lake on the motorcycle, we spotted some puppies. They were basically out in the road and so I insisted that we turn around and check out the situation. Leg-deep in mud, the two little pups were luckily wearing collars. One immediately bounded over to me while the other escaped back through the woods. The tag told me that they should live on the street above, and so I carried the little dirt devil up the hill. Yes, I got muddy. Yes, I smelled like wet dog. Yes, I’d needed to pee for the last 30 minutes. But no mind! The animals needed me!

I knocked on the front door, where the inhabitants seemed grateful, but not overly surprised, to see me. “Ohhh, thank you, thank you,” the kind, raspy-voiced, David-Cross-if-he-gained-15-pounds-lookalike said to me as I handed over his dirty dog. The other one had made it back home and was sitting in the driveway laughing at me. “Stupid girl, she got dirty for nothing, we knew our way home.” “Yeah, well, you would have likely gotten hit by a car if it weren’t for me, dumb dog,” I subconsciously snarled.

Reaching my pain threshold for having to pee, I shared a few words with the nice man and his daughter and then hustled back to the waiting bike. As I slid on my now wet helmet and goggles (in my haste I dropped them in a swamp puddle), David Cross came back out. He was heading out to meet his ex-wife, but first talked to us for 10 minutes about motorcycles. While I appreciate that he made eye contact with me and included me in the conversation, this was not a conversation I was in the mood for. I had to pee, dammit! Finally he exited, citing his ex-wife’s potential anger at his being tardy, and so Matt and I finally scooted home. And I was finally able to use the bathroom.


Today was an exciting day. I did not wake up to dog pee on the floor, for starters. I did, however, wake up to a baby kangaroo rat on my porch. How he got there shall remain a mystery, as he could hardly walk without falling over. No way the little bugger could have gotten onto the porch. Regardless of how he arrived, I took an instant liking to him. Eyes still closed, Roo is a very new rat. I called around to an animal hospital and was given the name of a woman, Nancy. I called Nancy, not really knowing what she was going to do, exactly. I left a vague message on her machine, being as the voice was a man’s and said absolutely nothing about animals. I was sure I wasn’t going to receive a call back.

Thirty minutes later I was driving to Nancy’s house with Roo in a shoebox. Nancy works as a wildlife rehabilitator and is my little friend’s best chance at survival. Unfortunately, it is difficult to feed newborn rodents. Instead of sucking their food (they have not yet learned), they will sometimes inhale their fluid meal down into their lungs. I am hoping with all of my rat-heart that Roo will catch on to the act of eating. In the meantime, let’s just ponder the fact that something this ridiculously adorable can be called a rat.

blah di blah di blah

Yesterday was a blah day. I woke up to dog pee on the floor, for starters. It was just one of those days that wasn’t going to get any better. I spent 3 hours at the coffee shop, searching and applying for jobs. I’ve gotten so desperate that not only did I pick up an application for the local grocery store, but I am also applying to Starbucks that are 30 minutes away. Sigh.

I spent more time sprawled on the floor upstairs on my stomach watching Gossip Girl on my laptop than I am proud to admit, and when my boyfriend called to try and make me feel better, I would have none of it. I was deep in my head that the day was not going to get any better, and so I did not allow anyone to succeed in doing so.

My walk along the lake did not even put me in a good mood. Instead, I decided to freak out when the man outside of the grocery store who told me I had pretty eyes ended up on the trail ahead of me about 45 minutes later. I imagined him and his friend waiting for me behind a tree while I unknowingly walked into their trap. Imagine my embarrassment then, when I passed by them a bit later, sitting on a dock innocently eating their McDonald’s.

It was a weird day.

My goal for today is to not let myself feel as sorry for myself as I did yesterday. So far, my plan of sitting out at the lakeside McDonald’s while I apply for jobs is working. French fries! What a feel-good food! (what? It’s not?).

Oh, and Matt, if you try to help me again, this time I will listen.

I’m Bad At This

Sorry, family, friends and the strangers who are apparently reading my blog: I have been too cool to write for the past week.

Mountain Lassie was City Lady for an evening, when she attended the premiere of a small film she worked on. It’s about a cappella. Maybe you’ve heard of it, and maybe not. If not, you should educate yourself pronto so you are not left behind.

The next few days we were blessed with visitors of all shapes and sizes, one of whom brought me a large bag of hand-me-downs nicer than most things I purchase for myself. After convincing myself via a fashion show with myself and my dog that I do deserve to wear bcbg, I am a much more presentable woman. Now if only I had somewhere to wear these new labels…

On Friday I met Lou, a 92-year old who was walking his dog Zukie around the lake path. He and Zukie set up shop near Tilley and I, Tilley obviously paying no mind to Zukie, as Tilley is a hermaphrodite and at times appears to have some sort of chemical imbalance which makes him immune to playing with strange dogs. That or he’s just too cool (scared) to be bothered. I mean, he/she’s got rocks to sniff.
I digress. Lou will be 93 in January. He bent down countless times to throw a stick into the lake for Zukie to fetch. He recently had a stroke and apologized for any difficulties I may have deciphering his words. His wife was waiting in the car in the parking lot listening to the election coverage on the radio. Over the course of 45 minutes, I learned a lot about Lou, most importantly that he goes to the lake almost every day. I cannot wait to see him again.

I spent this weekend here in the woods with two lovely lady friends. We sang, we danced, we puked. We also played McDonald’s Monopoly, burned at the beach, and lost my dog for a minute. A fantastic time was had by all.

I’ve come to the conclusion that despite the fact that I without a doubt consider myself an introvert (INFJ, to be exact), I do in fact sometimes thrive off of…others. Being around others, that is. And on my own terms. Uninvited social time does not always do it for me, in fact I often end up wanting to be anywhere but where I am. But dressing up and going out and having fancy food and drinks and pulling in at 6am on Tuesday to find that I didn’t have the foresight to bring my house keys and have thus locked myself of the house?? Oddly invigorating. Memories of which bring nothing but the biggest grin to my face. A girl needs to let loose sometimes.

Sadly, tomorrow it is back to the grind of attempting to find a job, willing my lungs into giving me enough oxygen to run properly up here, and trying to find another soul in this town that might want to play volleyball with me. Seriously, no one here plays volleyball?

Wish me luck. If past weeks are any indication, I will be doing my darndest to do anything but the above.

you know you love me
gossip girl

..shit, sorry, that must have been the 4 episodes i just watched. that’s embarrassing.

The Dog Days Are Not Over

Meet Tilley

Tilley, my hermaphroditic dog, is the best and worst companion. She is the best when you want to go on a long adventure. She never stops, she keeps up, she’s happy to be out with you.
He is the worst when he sees anything that moves. Anything. A squirrel, a lizard, a duck, a leaf.

Today we saw most of those things. And it was the worst.
But I secretly still had a lot of fun.

First we stopped at the post office, where Tilley and the dog in the car next door shared a conversation I only wish I was able to decipher.

After jogging on the trail around the lake for a mile, we came across an empty beach. This is where I discovered Tilley’s motivation for swimming: ducks.

Why do dogs always look so terrified when they swim? Or is it just mine?

It is very important for all dogs to shake dry as close to their owners as possible.

Note to self: If ever I need headshots for Tilley, post-swim in the back of the car seems to be the best setting.