races, past and future

This blog is about many things, but I’ve noticed lately that it has inadvertently become much about my running. So to keep with this theme, I thought I’d keep track of all those darn races that keep me running!

Training For…
Santa to the Sea 5k (December 9)

Santa Barbara International Half-Marathon (November 2012) – 1:41:51*
WeSpark 4th Annual Cancer Support 5k (November 2012) – 21:43*
Manhattan Beach 10k (October 2012) – 46:21
19th Annual Love Run 10k (June 2012) – 46:19*
San Diego Resolution Run 5k (January 2012) – 22:43
Santa Barbara International Marathon / Half-Marathon (November 2011) – 1:49:52
McConnell’s Ice Cream Endurance 10k (August 2011) – 46:43
22nd Annual Firecracker Mary Castle Memorial 10k (July 2011) – 47:30
18th Annual Love Run 10k (June 2011) – 49:49 (My very first race!)


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