Today was an exciting day. I did not wake up to dog pee on the floor, for starters. I did, however, wake up to a baby kangaroo rat on my porch. How he got there shall remain a mystery, as he could hardly walk without falling over. No way the little bugger could have gotten onto the porch. Regardless of how he arrived, I took an instant liking to him. Eyes still closed, Roo is a very new rat. I called around to an animal hospital and was given the name of a woman, Nancy. I called Nancy, not really knowing what she was going to do, exactly. I left a vague message on her machine, being as the voice was a man’s and said absolutely nothing about animals. I was sure I wasn’t going to receive a call back.

Thirty minutes later I was driving to Nancy’s house with Roo in a shoebox. Nancy works as a wildlife rehabilitator and is my little friend’s best chance at survival. Unfortunately, it is difficult to feed newborn rodents.¬†Instead of sucking their food (they have not yet learned), they will sometimes inhale their fluid meal down into their lungs. I am hoping with all of my rat-heart that Roo will catch on to the act of eating. In the meantime, let’s just ponder the fact that something this ridiculously adorable can be called a rat.