The Dog Days Are Not Over

Meet Tilley

Tilley, my hermaphroditic dog, is the best and worst companion. She is the best when you want to go on a long adventure. She never stops, she keeps up, she’s happy to be out with you.
He is the worst when he sees anything that moves. Anything. A squirrel, a lizard, a duck, a leaf.

Today we saw most of those things. And it was the worst.
But I secretly still had a lot of fun.

First we stopped at the post office, where Tilley and the dog in the car next door shared a conversation I only wish I was able to decipher.

After jogging on the trail around the lake for a mile, we came across an empty beach. This is where I discovered Tilley’s motivation for swimming: ducks.

Why do dogs always look so terrified when they swim? Or is it just mine?

It is very important for all dogs to shake dry as close to their owners as possible.

Note to self: If ever I need headshots for Tilley, post-swim in the back of the car seems to be the best setting.