I Want To Eat Everything.

I am so hungry. All of the time. I finish breakfast and 30 minutes later I’m snacking. I feel as though I could eat 2 lunches and 3 dinners. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??? I have been running a lot more up here and due to the hills, my exertion level has been upped by quite a bit, but is it possible to feel THIS hungry? Maybe I’m not eating enough, or enough of the right things? But seriously, folks. I had a huge plate of pasta & salad for dinner, followed by an oatmeal cookie with peanut butter, followed by a bag of popcorn. With butter. And I want more. Granted, that was spread over 3 hours, but still. It’s 11:30pm and all I want is chinese food. Or pepperoni pizza. Or a cheeseburger and french fries. And a chocolate shake. With whipped cream…obviously.

I know that it is important to eat the right thing 30 minutes after a long run. But what are you supposed to eat for the day or two after? I find that’s when I’m hungriest, which makes sense. I am on a pretty strict budget (I’ve been eating the same batch of lentil soup for 5 days), so my food choices are pretty slim pickins. I have no problem with carbs. Should I be getting more protein? I eat a lot of eggs, beans (and lentils, now. yay huge misleading recipe that left me with a gallon of soup!), but not much meat (damn chicken is so expensive!). ┬áPeanut butter is my best friend and I eat spoonfuls throughout the day to keep myself from sitting down and eating entire unnecessary meals. I should start keeping a log of my food habits. That may help me see what I’m missing, what time I am hungriest, etc. Ok great, I have a plan. Thanks for listening.

In other news, my dog Tilley is a badass and did speedwork with me today.