Our Day at Big Bear

Yesterday Tilley and I went to Big Bear to check out a dog sitter for the holidays. While we were there I figured we should take advantage of the blue skies and go for a little walk. We took the Woodland nature trail where we learned quite a bit about trees and…trees. It was a beautiful walk. I only wish M had been with us to narrate the self-guided tour pamphlet. He does such a good job with those things…

photo 3Tilley and a 1,500 year old juniper. My, what long legs you have!

photo 1This was one of the cooler things we saw: A Jeffrey Pine that’s being used as a granary by acorn woodpeckers! They make hundreds of holes in this one tree and store acorns for the winter. Amazing!!

photo 2Cool, right??

photo 4The slopes are open! Hardly!

We had a big day. It was only natural that Tilley pass out in bed with me. And, what’s this?? The cat is voluntarily getting cozy, too? And getting closer and closer to the dog? And purring?? What is going on??
Wait, it was a full moon last night, wasn’t it? Mmmm…sneaky moon! Making my animals get along like never before… I’ll take it!