When I have money someday, I will subscribe to Runner’s World magazine. Until then, I shall continue to frequent their website daily. They always have some new advice on what to run, when to run, how to run, what to eat, when to eat, how to eat- you get the picture. The other morning I awoke to my daily RW email. This particular morning it was about “runner’s knee.” I’ve been having some knee pain lately (I am blaming it all on the hills), and so I clicked through the link. I ended up watching a video by a doctor who explained a few different types of knee pains and their subsequent remedies/prevention. Apparently, I just need a stronger butt. Now, based on my boyfriend’s compliments of how good my butt looks “in those jeans,” I figured I was doing just fine in that department. But I guess having a nice butt doesn’t always equal a strong butt. So here we go.

Plyometric jump squats. Dr. Jordan Metzl’s if-you-only-give-me-one-thing-just-do-this exercise of choice. These advanced squats help strengthen all sorts of stuff – quads, glutes, hamstrings. They are also a great tool to help with your speed – the explosiveness of the action promotes strength and power. Very helpful for us runners.

Megan, our workout model of the day, looks comfortable enough doing these frog leaps. Oh, easy, piece of cake, I thought. I got this!

Alright, here we go! ooh, this is fun. I feel like I’m 5. Jumping! I’m jumping! Strong butt! Ok 7, 8, 9, oh, 10, I’m slowing down, 11, strong butt? why do I need a strong butt? 13, haha..this is..uh, haha, 14, aaand what? 15. kind of. sure, that counts as a whole one. oh. I’m not done?  You want 6 sets of 15? Doc. Seriously? I am not Iron Man. THIS IS REALLY HARD!

I found that each time I started a new set I’d get through about 8 or so with no problem and then all of a sudden I just could not launch myself up anymore. And I would start to laugh. Watching your body just tire out in front of your eyes is often upsetting, but sometimes it’s just funny. Needless to say I made it through 4 sets. …with ample rest time in between. And by 4 sets I mean when I got to number 15 I just sat down. Did I mention this was 2 days ago and my quads are still sore as a mofo?? I went down a flight of stairs today and chuckled to myself. I can’t remember the last time I was this sore. If you are interested in putting yourself through this type of torture, check out the full workout here (jump squats are 2nd video in). If you are already a pro at these, well, I admire your tenacity and am jealous of your butt.

Someday I will smile this big when I am squatting.