The Important Thing To Remember Is…

On Tuesday I voted for Obama. I sat in front of my computer that evening, watching the returns on MSNBC, slowly biting my fingernails off until we had secured victory. When the word was given, I danced around and smiled. I watched my facebook feed fill up with whoops, hollers and exclamation points. Soon after the initial projection was made, in between the congratulatory statuses of my fellow Obama-supporters, I noticed some other thoughts starting to pop up.

Some of my friends who had voted for Romney were not happy. Some were silent, some vocal. I understood. These people felt as strongly about the prospect of Mitt Romney leading our country as I did about Barack Obama doing the same. If Obama had been defeated I would have felt defeated, too. So I understood their disappointment. There was one facebook friend of mine, however, who was so utterly disgusted by the results that she requested that anyone -friends or family- who had voted for Obama “unfriend” her, immediately. I couldn’t tell if she was serious or not, but when she people actually started removing themselves from her list, I got a little concerned.

In all honesty, I hardly know the girl. We share a love for the same band and ran into one another at a number of concerts. I think she’s a riot and a whole heck of a lot of fun to be around. That said, I was shocked by her request. Feeling an urge to reach out, I sent her a private message. I told her that she had been popping up a lot on my page and while I respected her feelings of discontent, I thought she was really great and I enjoyed sharing a mutual musical love. I hoped we could still stay friends, regardless of our political differences. She wrote back, apologizing for her moment of weakness. She admitted she had let her anger get the best of her. We joked around, shared a few smiley faces, and that was that.

So. What’s the point of all of this? To me, this little instance was a reminder of what really matters between friends and family. Sure, let’s disagree on policy and presidents, but let’s not forget that we love the same music. You and I enjoy the same foods, the same healthy lifestyle habits. We share clothes and jokes. We love to run. This is why we’re friends. Let’s appreciate our similarities rather than let our few differences get in the way of our friendship, whether it blossomed 25 years ago while in nursery school or 2 years ago in line for a concert.